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The Tokyo Metropolitan Neurological Hospital is an inpatient-only hospital that does not offer outpatient care. Outpatient care is provided at the Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Medical Center or Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Medical Center.

As an outpatient, an appointment will be necessary before visiting.

If you are making your first visit as an outpatient, please contact the outpatient booking center to make an appointment in advance.
Tama Medical Center Outpatient Booking Center
Tel: 042-323-9200 (Available from 9:00 am-to 5:00 pm)
Please call before 3:00 pm if you wish to book a next-day appointment.

Children's Medical Center Outpatient Booking Center
Tel: 042-312-8200 (Available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm / Saturdays 9:00 am-to 12:30 pm)
All patients must have an appointment, even if they have a letter of referral from their own doctor.
If you visit the hospital without an appointment, you will only be seen after all other patients with appointments have been seen.
The waiting time may be long, and you may not be able to see a doctor that day depending on the number of patients with appointments.

Medical examinations

Always bring your health insurance card for medical examinations.
Tokyo municipal hospitals work on an outpatient referral system. If possible, when visiting the hospital, bring a letter of referral from your own doctor or the medical institution at which you are currently being treated. If you do not have a letter of referral from a doctor at another hospital or medical clinic, you will be charged 1,300 yen as a “new patient special healthcare fee.”
On your first visit, you will receive a patient registration card (ID card). Always bring this card with you when visiting the hospital.
There are staff waiting to answer questions from new patients before reaching the “medical examination reception” desk. Do not hesitate to ask them for assistance.
You will be asked to present your health insurance card once a month. Do not forget to bring your health incurance card, as even patients who continue visiting the outpatient clinic will be required to present their card on the first visit of each month.
For questions concerning medical fees, including medical fee assistance from the health care and welfare system and the high cost medical fee assistance system, please inquire with the medical care consultation office.

Last updated:March 29, 2016

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