Rehabilitation Ward

Rehabilitation Ward


Physical Disability Section

We have capability equivalent to rehabilitation departments of general hospitals and offer physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to patients with physical disabilities, based on consultations of doctors.
Staff all take the utmost care to provide safe rehabilitation for patients.
Referrals from other medical institutions in the community are welcome. Please visit our Outpatient Rehabilitation Department with a referral letter.


Psychiatric Occupational Therapy Section

The First Floor of our Rehabilitation Ward features purpose-built activity rooms for various occupational therapies, including a multi-purpose activity room for calligraphy, painting and recreation, a computer room with 15 computers, a pottery room where you can do shaping and firing of clay to make bowls and plates, a music room with karaoke equipment, a cooking room, and a field where you can grow and harvest seasonal vegetables.


Day Care Unit

This unit offers various daily programs, including sports, social meeting, music, calligraphy, computing, pottery and gardening.
There is a group for people of 35 years and under, and a group for people of 36 years and older whose goal is to live an independent life. We offer lunch to patients who attend one-day programs. We also provide half-day Short Care (either in the morning or in the afternoon).