Achievements and Clinical Indicators

Achievements and Clinical Indicators

Management Indices

The following are main Management Indices such as the number of inpatients, outpatients visits per day, and unit prices of inpatient and outpatient care, and the revenues and expenses.

Revenues and Expenses, Fiscal Year 2012 (PDF)
Management Indices, 2013 (PDF)

Clinical Indicators

Clinical Indicators show the quality of care provided at our hospital, using various indices. By analyzing clinical Indicators and promoting improvement, we aim to improve the quality of care and to provide comprehensible information to patients.

1. Clinical Indicators for Patients
– Clinical Indicators for Patients (PDF)(under constraction)
Sheet 1: Number of Patients by disorder according to ICD-10, 2012(PDF)
Sheet 2: Breakdown of Operations by department, 2012 (PDF)

2. Clinical Indicators for Health Care Providers
Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital Clinical Indicators (for Health Care Providers) (PDF)
Rate of Seclusion and Physical Restraint, from April 2011 -to July 2013 (PDF)
– Rate of Physical Medical Restraint Executing Rate by Ward, from April 2013 to November 2013 (PDF)(under constraction)
– Sheet 3: Number of Certified Staff and Specialists (nursing staff) (PDF)(under constraction)
– Sheet 4: Number of Certified Staff and Specialists (paramedics) (PDF)(under constraction)