Medical Safety Promotion Office

Medical Safety Promotion Office


Our Principle

Medical Safety Promotion is to think and put into practice how we provide safety and reassurance to our patients and their families in a comfortable environment. We are there to promote this principle.


Our Roles

  • Statistical analysis of incident and accident reports across the Hospital, discussion of problems and formulation of preventive measures.
  • Reviewing existing preventive measures.
  • Analysis of causes of incident and accident reports that are serious or that concern more than one department and formulation of preventive measure.
  • Planning, drafting and improvement of countermeasures against matters brought to Patients’ Advice Bureau.
  • Implementation of preventive measures that are decided on by the committee and notification of information regarding accident prevention within the Hospital.
  • Making, reviewing and improving the manuals regarding accident prevention that concern more than one department or that are serious.
  • Publicity, training and making education materials concerning medical safety promotion.
  • Putting into practice the ideas about improvement that are issued by the office.
  • Calling plenary meetings of risk managers.
  • Any other matters concerning medical safety promotion.


Our Staff

Head of Medical Safety Management Promotion Office Deputy Hospital Director
Members Chairman of Risk Management Promotion Meeting
Head of Medical Affairs Division
Head of Nursing Department
Full-time Risk Manager
Dedicated Risk Manager
Medical Affair Clerk


Medical Safety Management Framework

Please click here PDFfor the Framework (PDF).


Collection and Analysis of Incident Reports

The hospital has a reporting system for near-miss incidents. They are shared via our electronic report system, and every department and person concerned can view them immediately after the occur. A tally system will tally and analyze the incidents.

Please click herePDF for the Incident Reports.