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Hiroo Hospital

Areas of focus

We perform and provide advanced and specialized patient-centered medical care. The following are the hospital’s areas of focus.

Cardiac care

Through collaboration between Cardiovascular Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Surgery, care is provided for all cardiovascular diseases from arrhythmia to ischemic heart disease.
We are the leader in Japan for arrhythmia treatment centered on catheter ablations, and provide advanced and specialized medical care such as aggressive use of aortic aneurysm stent grafting.

Cerebrovascular disease treatment

We strive to minimize the burden on the patients by performing advanced and minimally invasive endovascular treatment, such as coil embolization for subarachnoid hemorrhage that is a type of cerebrovascular disease, stent placement for internal carotid artery stenosis, and thrombolysis (t-PA) for hyperacute occlusive cerebrovascular disease.

Before coiling
After coiling

Cancer treatment

In our Gastroenterological Center that integrates an Endoscopy Center, Gastroenterological Internal Medicine, and Gastroenterological Surgery, we provide advanced and specialized medical care for colorectal cancer. In April 2013, we were certified as a Tokyo Cancer Treatment Cooperation Hospital (for colorectal cancer). We also actively treat other types of cancer such as lung and stomach cancer.

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