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For Patients

How to make an appointment (for outpatients)

1 First Consultation

As a general rule, our hospital accepts referrals from medical clinics and other medical institutions. Before visiting the hospital, please obtain a letter of referral from the doctor at your current medical clinic or hospital. Patients without a letter of referral will be charged an extra non-referred new patient fee (1,300 yen).

1-1 First Consultation indicate the following:
(1) First visit to our hospital
(2) First visit to a department in the hospital
(3) Revisit to a department for the first time in over six months
1-2 How to make an appointment
Please call APPOINTMENT OFFICE and give your symptoms, your name, birth date, home or company phone number, our hospital ID (if available), the department you wish to consult and the date and time you wish to come.

2 Further Consultations

2-1 Further Consultations indicate the following:
(1) Revisit to your current department
(2) Revisit to a department last visited within the past six months
2-2 How to make an appointment
Please indicate the name of the doctor you wish to consult

3 Cancellation or Change

If you want to cancel or change your appointment, please call the APPOINTMENT OFFICE. Appointments must be made at least one day beforehand.

(1) Service hours
 Monday to Friday
9:00a.m. 〜  5:00p.m.
9:00a.m. 〜 11:30a.m.
(2) Appointment days Monday to Friday

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