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Referrals and Appointments

Referrals and Appointments

Referral-Based System

At Tokyo metropolitan hospitals, patients, with the exception of emergency cases, are basically seen by referral from local medical institutions such as their family doctor. Family doctors are local practioners who are readily available to provide consultation for health concerns and to treat ailments.

Your family doctor will refer you to a hospital with advanced or specialized capabilities when he or she decides that a more thorough examination or advanced treatment is needed. In such a case, the doctor will write a referral letter that states the diagnosis and give it to you. You will then set up an appointment with the designated hospital and take the referral letter with you when going to the hospital. This is how the referral-based system works.


Why Tokyo Metropolitan Hospitals See Patients by Referral

Metropolitan hospitals see patients by referral and appointment so that they can properly and efficiently provide Tokyo residents with advanced and specialized medical care and other such services. This is based on the concept that roles should be divided between metropolitan hospitals and local health care providers including family doctors.

To this end, metropolitan hospitals, in collaboration with local medical institutions, make efforts to ensure that patients can be smoothly referred to them. In emergencies, however, no referral or appointment is necessary.


For Patients without Referral

In principle, patients without a referral to a meteropolitan hospital will be charged an extra 1,300 yen for their initial consultation fee in addition to the treatment fee.

Metropolitan hospitals encourage patients to visit their local medical institutions first. Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

For People without a Family Doctor

The advantage of having a family doctor is that your health can be regularly and continuously managed. A family doctor who sees you regularly will know your medical history, medication, family and lifestyle. The doctor will be able to take such information into full account in deciding if you need to be referred to a hospital and introducing you to a hospital and department that best meets your needs. This makes it very important for everyone to have a family doctor. If you do not have a family doctor, you are strongly recommended to find one whom you and your family can visit regularly to better manage your health.

About the Referred Patient Reservation System