Information for Consultations at Tokyo Metropolitan Hospitals

Overview of Tokyo Metropolitan Hospitals

Visit this page to learn about the history and role of metropokitan hospitals, as well as the "public health care services" they provide.

Location and Departments

You can search for metropolitan hospitals using a map of Tokyo and a rail map. This page also contains lists of hospitals and their departments.

"Tokyo ER" Emergency Care

Metropolitan Hospitals have established "Tokyo ER" facilities to enhance their capability of providing comprehensive emergency medical care.

Patient Rights/ Children Patient Rights

Metropolitan hospitals have drawn up the Patient Rights to promote "patient-centered health care."

Referrals and Appointments

With the exception of emergency cases, patients are requested to first obtion areferral letter from a local medical institution and make an appointment for consultation at a metropolitan hospital. For details, please check this page.

Search for Medical Institutions in Tokyo

You can search for metropolitan hospitals and other medical institutions in Tokyo using Himawari, the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Infomation Service. For details, please refer to this page.